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Leather & Brass Campaign Bedside Table | Vintage Revivals
I have a strange requirement when it comes to my bedside table - it needs to support a cat. So even though I love all those pretty, spindly, mirrored tables, they just aren’t practical. I saw a gorgeous campaign style chest of drawers in the new Homes+ magazine in a bright green - this pink is a bit more my style though! Even better, this is made using the super cheap Rast bedside table from IKEA. It looks lovely, it’s cheap to make and Sophie can jump on it all she wants!

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Spotted Curtains | A Beautiful Mess
Is it just me, or are curtains ridiculously expensive?! Just like rugs. Or maybe it’s just the curtains/rugs that I like that are expensive (see other posts re: my tastes and what I can actually afford!). I read a LOT of other blogs and remember seeing a pair like this that I totally loved They have a 101 Dalmations, chic quirkiness to them. Plus, black and white goes with so much. Pick up a pair of the cheapest curtains you can find and get to spotting - if you’re not keen on black and white, try some other trending combos like black and bronze or neon and white (or pick out colours from your room and go with those!)

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~   Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie (via quotes-for-reference)

Detail of “Lady of the Pink Lake”

Rebecca Chaperon

Acrylic on Canvas  18” x 24” 

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painting potted plants

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